Environmental Protection Always on the Way --the Company’s new requirements for environmental protection

Date:2015-1-1 11:38:54 Visits:

      With the overall improvement of the national economic level, it is universally acknowledged that we should strengthen environmental supervision and control and improve environmental quality. Recently, The Company’s management team gave instructions of Environmental Protection Always on the Way on the production scheduling meeting, requiring all the managerial staff and employees to implement the Company’s various arrangements for environmental protection in a persistent manner, and to drive the company to realize scientific and sustainable development with actual deeds.

      The management team pointed out that environmental protection is vital to the green and sustainable development of the economic and social ecology. It is not only a matter of the people’s livelihood, but also a matter of politics and economics. What’s more, it is vital for the company’s long-term development. Only with great attention to and reasonable planning of environment protection can we realize the Company’s sustainable development. In no way shall we relax. We must fulfill our responsibilities and further continue our work on how to reduce exhaust gas, dust, rare odor and other sensitive environmental protection problems.

      The staff should proactively do his duty to implement environmental protection initiatives. We should expand our working scope to avoid making up after the fault happens. As for the emission of exhaust gas, the staff from Heat and Power Branch Plant must pay special attention to online supervision and test data, always remember the real-time data and timely calibrate the equipment, making sure that the emission level is up to the standard within each interval. They should also strengthen daily management of the coal yard, spray water in a timely manner to erase dust and keep the yard clean and neat at any time. The supervision and check of the workshop should be strengthened and the workload be well scheduled by the production scheduling department, to create a sound operation condition for the boiler.

      Environmental protection is a non-stop process. We must have a holistic plan and take action bit by bit in a sturdy and persistent manner. We should never consider the problem of rare odor as an inconsequential matter. Each related unit must check volatile and dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. The loading and unloading processes must be specially tracked and inspected to avoid leakage and diffusion. Waste heat must be thoroughly recycled and emission, spilling, dripping and leakage must be avoided to reduce the leakage of rare odor. White water should be comprehensively recycled and the usage of clean water be reduced anytime and anywhere to continuously decrease pollution.

      Nowadays, the whole society is attaching great importance to environmental protection.   Extensive economic development mode can no longer survive. Only beginning from the new starting point of sustainable development for ecology, sticking to Environmental Protection Always on the Way, eradicating formalism and conscientiously implementing initiatives for pollution treatment and ecological protection, can we fully implement the target and task for energy reservation and emission reduction, achieving a win-win situation for both company development and environmental protection. (Yuan Wenqiang)