The Company Organizing Meeting on Production System Management

Date:2014-12-7 11:38:12 Visits:

      Recently, President Xing Fangtong chaired Meeting on Production System Management in the meeting room on the 2nd floor of the office building, pointing out and giving instructions to the problems encountered during production system management.

      President Xing pointed out that the current managerial staff and every employee must cogitate the Three Hows, and conscientiously implement the Strengthening of Two Issues, that is how to keep the production normal and stable, how to guarantee the product quality, how to reduce production cost, and strengthen the education for the staff to love the factory, strengthen the study of professional skills and knowledge.

      President Xing pointed out that to keep the production normal and stable, we must first be good at details management. The workshop leader and managerial staff of various levels must take every tiny issue seriously, consciously get rooted in the production site, and discover and solve potential hidden problems from details. Besides, we must intensify equipment management, be good at utilizing instruments and meters, decide according to data and improve work planning. We must abandon the old mode of organizing production only by experience.

President Xing stressed that good quality could guarantee market share and benefit. How to provide product of stable quality? We have to make sure that the process is stable, be responsible for the work and intensify quality examination. The workshop must be very serious about the quality. We should properly treat and work with the quality assurance staff, and never deceive ourselves and others. The Production Division is required to establish and improve quality examination mechanism, intensify examination from 3 levels, including technics, production and workshop. The Technical Division must check the production process in a timely and serious manner. Half-heartedness about work is now allowed.

      President Xing emphasized that we should lower production cost without sacrificing stable production and quality. Upholding the idea of satisfying customer demand, workshop should actively coordinate with marketing department, establish customer profile, and organize production according to customer requirements. Neither over-qualified nor unqualified products is allowed. The Production Division and Technical Division should jointly manage and solve the problem of emission, spilling, dripping and leakage, guarantee the examination to be carried out as required, and clearly state what and who to examine every day. The workshop should guarantee the duty to be fulfilled and staff who neglect their duties be penalized.

      President Xing stressed that we were in urgent need of improving the staff ideologically and politically. Each unit must intensify the education for staff to love the factory and sense of responsibility. Emphasis should be placed upon nurturing the idea of treating factory as home and loving factory as they love their home among staff, enabling them to deeply know well that when big river dries up, rivulet cannot survive. Recently the Company overcame difficulties to raise salary once again, which amply demonstrated the Company’s care for its staff. We should be firmly united, fulfill our responsibilities and jointly overcome difficulties. President Xing pointed out that the workshop could not make clear and definite judgment and decisive decisions when facing problems. It is urgent that all the staff continue to study professional technics. Both managerial staff and operators should further the study of knowledge related to their work, expand scope of knowledge, and direct production with scientific methods, avoiding arbitrary instructions which will increase amount of labor.

      At last, President Xing stressed that man can achieve anything. When facing difficulties, all the managerial staff should not only be courageous enough to take the bull by the horns and confident to conquer obstacles, but also be perseverant to be undaunted by repeated setbacks. Utilizing the limited time of the last month, the leader of each unit should make new contributions to elevating the Company’s benefits by playing their functional role and effectively managing their team.