The Company Organizing Winter Tug-of-War Contest for the Staff

Date:2014-12-24 11:33:39 Visits:

      In the afternoon of 23rd, crowds of people gathered on road of the east side of the office building. People cheered up loudly, one after another. This was the winter tug-of-war contest for staff, the theme of which was Loving Company, Being More Vigorous, Promoting Development and Build Up the Body.

      In order to enrich the staff’s recreation and sports during spare time, and further implement the instruction and spirit of Enhancing the Education for the Staff to Love the Factory raised by the management team, the labor union organized this activity. 10 teams from various units had registered and participated into the contest which was divided into groups by gender.

      On the game site, upon the whistle of the judge, both sides immediately stood upright and pulled. They were striving for team honor. When the match was one-sided, the result would come out in a flash. If the two teams matched each other in strength, it would be a seesaw match. The members from one side held their breath attentively, squatted and exerted all their strength, with body nearly parallel with the ground and face going red; the other side did not show any sign of weakness at all. They roared like a lion with a imposing manner. The red ribbon in the middle was dragged to the left one moment and to the right the next by the two sides. The cheer from the audience was incessant.

      At last, after several round of fierce contest, the Transport Company Team and the Machining Team claimed the 1st place and the 2nd place respectively in the male group; the Power Plant Workshop I Team and Papermaking Workshop I Team won the top two places in the female group; the Stock Yard Team got the 3rd place for both male group and female group.

The staff actively participated into this tug-of-war contest which was fierce and exciting. This contest activated the staff’s recreation and sports during spare time, promoted the teamwork spirit, and boosted the company cohesiveness and unity, gathering positive energy for the company’s development.