The Company Intensifying Power Usage Management

Date:2014-12-1 11:31:10 Visits:

      Recently, the management team has been specially stressing, upon various meetings, that to solve the problem of power shortage, we must enhance basic management, reserving power and prohibiting waste. To fully implement the meeting spirit, each unit of the Company took various actions immediately, and broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, making great efforts to offset the cost increase of power usage.

      As the functional department of production management, the Production Division is doing well in production operation and scheduling, and at the same time, the dispatchers, together with staff from the Supervision and Checking Team, enhance the inspection on the production site, and timely correct the phenomenon of “vehicle running unloaded” and “lights turned on during non-production time”. Besides, upon the emphasis and requirements of the Production Division, each workshop had a review about the intermittent turning on of equipment, strictly controlled the usage of equipment during peak time of electricity demand, and maximized power usage during leisure time, thus effectively decreasing the Company’s overall power consumption.

      In the meantime, in accordance with the actual situation, each workshop actively optimize technics and reform bit by bit to realize energy reservation and consumption reduction in view of the actual situation of the workshop. Papermaking Workshop I and Pulping Workshop III had a review about the production process, undertaking initiatives such as stopping pulp mixing tank and reducing the power of round-mesh concentrating electric motor, etc. reducing power consumption by a hundred kilowatts per hour. Papermaking Workshop V added a float ball valve to the white water pump, which enables the pump to automatically turn on and off, eradicating the non-effective operation. This initiative reduces power consumption and at the same time lower labor intensity. Meanwhile, Heat and Power Brach Plant also actively search flaw and amend fault to the electrical equipment. They cleaned up the air-preheater, defroster and the flue pipe in the chimney inlet while servicing the boiler, thus reducing the waste of power consumption of the draught fan caused by the resistance of exhaust gas and air leak.