The Company’s Caring Warms Employees’ Heart

Date:2014-12-28 11:28:17 Visits:

       With the New Year coming, each employee unexpectedly received a box of Fuji apples which is the New Year gift the Company specially prepared for the managerial staff. While being surprised, the staff is filled with happiness.

       Stable working staff is the important foundation for the company’s development. Recently, the Company has been constantly undertaking initiatives to fulfill the employee care work and further promote the working enthusiasm. Last month, due to the steady elevation of production and operation, the Company, once again, increased the salary by 6.5%, that is ¥200 per capita. With the New Year coming, upon the arrangement of the Company’s management team, the labor union specially purchased apples as New Year welfare, bringing the staff with infinite warmness and strengthening sense of belonging. The staff had expressed in succession that they would fulfill their work, and promote working performance to reciprocate the Company’s caring about them.