Papermaking Workshop V Undergoing “Organize Production with Scientific Methods”

Date:2014-12-22 11:24:27 Visits:

       By conscientiously comprehending the spirit of the Company’s meeting on the management of production system, strictly carrying out the instructions and requirements of “Organize Production with Scientific Methods” raised by the Company’s management team, Papermaking Workshop V have recently been innovating ideas and methods of work and focusing on improving the level of production management in accordance with the actual situation.

       Organization of the meeting before and after work, which the workshop attach great importance to, is a vital step to carry out the work. In order to achieve precise communication and implementation of the requirements from the Company and the workshop, they require each employee to prepare and carry about a notebook to record the requirements from the meetings before and after work, for the employees to refer to during actual work. After a while, the phenomenon that requirements from meetings before and after work cannot be fully implemented has been effectively prohibited and executive power of the managerial staff and employees been greatly improved.

       Scientific organization of production is to direct production according to data. As to the problem that coarse cotton cloth and other spare items cannot be fully washed, the workshop formulate definite regulations upon the washing time, amount of detergent and water temperature and PH value, as well as equipping thermometer and PH test paper and formatting Record Sheet for Tracking and Monitoring Coarse Cotton Cloth Detergent, which realizes whole-process data monitoring for washing of coarse cotton cloth, thus improving washing effect for spare items. They also set the time for cleaning up the filter for coarse cotton cloth pump, and assign staff to clean up, fill in and confirm Cleaning Record for Filter on the Inlet of the Coarse Cotton Cloth Washing Pump, thus completely rooting out working omissions and promoting stable production.

       Additionally, the workshop consistently innovate working methods and promote implementation of work. In order to reserve clear water to the maximum and by drawing on the experience of other workshops, they gave full play to their ability and cleverness and made by themselves and install a set of filter that can purify white water upon the beating platform. Though simple in structure, the filter can achieve excellent filtering effect with screen of high mesh number. The filtered water can wash spare items as an alternative to clean water, thus reserving roughly a hundred cubic meters of clear water per day.