Brand cup base paper

Product Description

Basis weight range: 130-300g/m2.

Specifications with cutting: 200-4300mm arbitrary cutting.


1. With suitable whiteness, without fluorescent whitening agent, and in line with national standards of food hygiene.

2. With good thickness, high stiffness, good flexibility, and aesthetic paper cup forming.

3. With high smoothness, exquisite paper, with good printing effect.

4. Access to the national industrial products production license (QS certificate); do not contain plasticizers.

5. With stable quality. Exporting of South Korea, Greece, Taiwan and other markets.

6. The production cycle is stability monthly, and be supplied timely.

Scope of application: Be used in disposable paper cup, paper box, bowl, barrels and other food packaging widely.

The key control indicators: basis weight、bulk、smoothness、folding endurance、edge seep 、 The fluorescent material、 moisture、 ash.