colorful offset paper

Product Description

Basis weight range: 55-120g/m2.

Specifications with cutting: 200-1660 arbitrary cutting.


1.  The paper surface is smooth and delicate, with high smooth.

2. The paper has good evenness, small expansion rate and accurate registration, and can ensure good printing effect.

3. Paper with bulk stability, good stiffness, and good performance, can meet the use requirements of rotary printing machine.

4. Color woodfree offset paper with color stability, high brightness, wide range of uses.

Scope of application: books, textbooks, novels etc. Double glue, with a beige book uses the main system.

The key control indicators:

Color offset paper are very versatile and can be used for magazines, color pages, catalogue, maps, calendar, calendars, cover, insert, illustrations, product manuals, manual, cartoons, comic book, advertising posters, corporate brochures, flyers, envelope, book, notebook, dyeing embossing, forms, office/document paper trademark, business CARDS, color and all kinds of packaging products, etc.